2018 Gun Owners of Vermont Candidate Report
2nd Amendment Stance: RABIDLY ANTI-GUN
District: Washington 7
(Vote up to 2)
Contest: For State Representative (incumbent)
Party: Democratic

State Web Page 2018:
State Web Page 2018:
Additional Comments: 2016: Maxine also won a WRITE-IN campaign on the Republican ticket!
2015: As Chair of the House Judiciary, Maxine worked hard to make sure S.141 was as damaging as possible, including approving of the infamous "Jewett Amendment".
2014: With a background as an attorney, her role as the vice chair of the House Committee on Judiciary puts at odds the legality of H.735 and her ability to uphold existing Constitutional law.

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 603
Phone Number: (802) 552-8065
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2018 Gun Bills:
2018: SPONSOR H.220 (BAD)
An act relating to the sale of ivory or rhinoceros horn

Bill #1
2018: SPONSOR H.422 (Act 92) (BAD)
An act relating to removal of firearms from a person arrested or cited for domestic assault. (Original Title: An act relating to confiscation of dangerous or deadly weapons from a person arrested or cited for domestic assault)
All they wanted were the guns.

Bill #2
Voted FOR S.55 (BAD)
Bill #3
Voted FOR S.221 . Unanimous vote in both House and Senate.
Bill #4
VT Digger Wrap-Up Gun Control
S.55, H.221 & H.422

Bill #5

2016 Gun Bills:
(2015) Voted FOR S.141 (Act 14) Gun Control Bill (BAD)
Bill #6
2015 Gun Owners of Vermont Analysis: Universal Background Check Legislation
Detail of S.141 Votes & GunSense Money

Bill #7

2014 Gun Bills:
Sponsored H.287 (BAD) (House version of S.118): An act relating to modifying record retention and related requirements for pawnbrokers and precious metal dealers
This bill mandates retail and pawn shops to keep 'Gun Registry"'of personal buyer/seller PERSONAL information for 6 years available to law enforcement at all times.
This is illegal for the State to do on their own, but they can use this data and create their own without violating the Federal ban.
Also included in S.032

Bill #8
(2015) Regarding S.141: Rep. Grad of Moretown explained her vote as follows:
“Mr. Speaker: My yes vote is for the victims and families who have suffered losses due to firearm related domestic violence and suicide; to give law enforcement the tools they are asking for to enhance the public safety of the changing culture of Vermont; and to put Vermont on a strong constitutional footing for those who seek to restore their 2nd amendment rights.”

Source #1
(2014)I look forward to continuing my work on issues of public safety and civil rights. Some issues we hope to address are: victims’ rights, the safe storage of guns in domestic violence cases when a court has ordered the defendant to turn over firearms during the pendency of the order...
Source #2
4/25/2016: Legislator takes stand on gun bill
"This past week, we debated S.141, an act relating to firearms. It came from the Senate to my committee, the House Judiciary Committee.
Some argued that we don’t have a gun violence issue in Vermont. The testimony I heard was very compelling that in fact we do. The facts about gun deaths in Vermont reveal a disturbing fact: Vermont has a much higher gun death rate than most people believe."

Source #3
Supported H.735 (firearms regulation - illegal under the Vermont Constitution):
This massive piece of gun control legislation was attached inside a 'fee' bill to slide it through Montpelier without anyone noticing.
Gun Owners of Vermont not only noticed, but fought it all the way to the end.
If you haven't followed the history and sordid past of this bill, visit the Gun Owners of Vermont Facebook page and jump over to the FILE section. Many downloadable documents outlining this unconstitutional bill will give you the details.
As of May 10, 2014 Act 191 is LAW.
Anyone ACCUSED of 'domestic violence' under a temporary Relief from Abuse Order (unadjudicated - Violation of Article 10), can now have the their house illegally searched without a warrant (violation of Article 11), ALL items that can be deemed 'weapons' (guns, ammunition, knives, baseball bats, bows, axes, etc) will be confiscated by Law Enforcement (violation again of Article 11) and held at the ACCUSED's repayment of fines when a permanent order is lifted.

Source #4
Letter from Cindy Ellen Hill, Esq.:
Why H.735 is unconstitutional and yet it still passed by the incumbents in Montpelier.
H.735 opens up the Pandora's Box on Illegal Search and Seizure.

Source #5

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