2018 Gun Owners of Vermont Candidate Report
2nd Amendment Stance: RABIDLY ANTI-GUN
District: Essex-Orleans Senate
(Vote up to 2)
Contest: For State Senate
Party: AMERICAN (Democratic)

2016 Gun Owners of Vermont Firearm Questionnaire
(Click Score to View Responses) 35%
Additional Comments: 2018: Horton is running against John Rodgers as some made up party after he LOST the PRIMARY.
2018: Horton says that the state should limit rifle ownership to a “hunting rifle of a bolt or slide cocking action” with a capacity of “no more than six bullets.” He is also very clear in his opinion that “no individual would be allowed access to Military Style weapons.” He would also establish limits on how much ammo can be purchased at one time or during a certain time frame. We would be allowed to shoot high capacity, semiautomatic firearms but ONLY at a state controlled “fun gun zone.” None of that sounds very “reasonable” to me...
2017 GoVT Questionnaire Score: 35%

Mailing Address:
2924 N JAY RD
JAY, VT 05859
Phone Number: (802) 988-4661
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8/9/18: Essex-Orleans Senate Primary Unique This Year
Horton, Rodgers, Starr Seek 2 Democratic Party Nominations

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