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10/2016: KT Cappellini is endorsed by the NRA!
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9/30/2016: Cappellini is a strong proponent of gun rights. He said he’s been buying and collecting guns since he was old enough to do so and he’s hunted every year since he was 7. Cappellini has all types of guns, he said, including target shooting guns and defense weapons.
“It’s a tool,” Cappellini said of his reasons for having a defense weapon. “You don’t know when you’re going to need it.”
On his website, Cappellini proposes a “Vermont Firearms Freedom Act,” which would limit Federal regulations of firearms and ammunition produced in Vermont. Other states like Montana, Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, have the similar laws. “Vermont is a gun culture state, always has been, people grow up with them and I think there’s a lot of respect for firearms in Vermont,” said Cappellini.

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