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Menu #2* GOV Analysis of 2017-2018 Gun Control Legislation *

House and Senate bills as they are introduced.
2017-2018 Gun Control Legislation
Now a new section where we will add links to the TRUTH that the anti-gunners always LIE about!
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Menu #4Selected Firearm News Articles & Vermont Statutes:
1111 Articles Divided into 15 Categories!

Menu #1 Gun Owners of Vermont in the News
Menu #2 Vermont Gun Rights in the News
Menu #3 Vermont and Other State Statutes
Menu #4 National Gun Rights in the News
Menu #5 Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Crusade & UBCs
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Menu #14 Gun Sense VT, Goals, Supporters & Finances
Menu #15 Burlington Charter Changes
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Selected Firearm News Articles
Menu #5Official Data and Statistics from the ORIGINAL Government Sources:
Firearm related statistics, reports, analysis and charts.
FBI, ATF, CDC, BJS, NIJ, State of VT and GoVT Analysis.
Firearm Statistics from ORIGINAL Sources
Menu #6Gun Owners of Vermont CANDIDATE REPORTS
2014 & 2016 Vermont Candidates with Historical Data.
Gun Owners of Vermont CANDIDATE REPORTS
Menu #7Data and Statistics:
Firearm related documents and charts.
Flyers, Reports, Lists, FBI Data, ATF Reports, UBC States and more!
(Updated Weekly)
Downloadable Documents for Distribution
Menu #8VIDEOS: Gun Owners of Vermont videos on YouTube!Gun Owners of Vermont VIDEOS!
Menu #9The Vermont Gun Shop Project
This program was designed by the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs and The Gun Owners of Vermont, in conjunction with the Vermont Department of Mental Health and the Center for Health and Learning.
This program is designed to raise awareness of issues facing Vermont gun owners and methods to assist them in seeking mental health counselling if needed.
UNLIKE the New Hampshire Gun Shop Project (whose goal is taking firearms away from gun owners), the Vermont GSP seeks to create a dialog between friends, and connect gun owners with professional assistance when needed.
Neighbors helping neighbors, the Vermont way.
Vermont Gun Shop Project
Menu #10Historical Vermont Anti-Gun Legislation:

2017-2018: (11 bills)
Includes S.6 and H.151 Universal Background Checks and H.422 Firearm Confiscation bill

2015-2016: (14 bills)
Includes S.31 Universal Background Checks & S.141
Burlington Charter Changes (7 bills)

2013-2014: (17 bills)
Includes H.735 Firearm Confiscation bill.
Previous Vermont Anti-Gun Legislation
Menu #11Anti-Gun Burlington Charter Changes:
2013 - 2016
The battle against these unconstitutional ordinances continues!
Bloomberg money and Bloomberg supporting mayors are doubling down on these ILLEGAL bills against the Vermont Constitution, the Sportsman's Bill of Rights AND Burlington's own town charter.
Anti-Gun Burlington Charter Changes
Menu #12A listing of Vermont Gun Clubs
(Added 8/8/2015)
Vermont Gun Clubs

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