Vermont Legislature: Proposed Bills 2023-2024
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Bill #Bill Title, Summary and SponsorsBill StatusAction Needed
An act relating to firearms crimes and procedures

Subject: Criminal procedures; firearms
Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes to enact several measures related to firearms. The bill proposes:
(1) the following requirements related to firearms storage:
(A) to require that, when a firearm is not in a personís immediate possession or control, the firearm must be properly secured in such a way to render it inoperable by any person other than the owner or other lawfully authorized user and stored separately from ammunition and to set forth escalating penalties for violation of this provision based on the severity of the harm resulting from not properly securing a firearm as required by law;

[The end of self-defense in Vermont!]

(B) to require federally licensed firearms dealers to post a sign in the dealerís place of business that states the requirements for firearms storage under Vermont law and to provide firearms purchasers with written materials at the time of purchase that contain guidance for safe firearms storage;
[Most firearm manufacturers already include that, but the anti-gunners don't know anything about guns.]
(C) to impose criminal and civil liability on a person who violates Vermont safe storage requirements with respect to a firearm that is subsequently used to injure or kill another person;
[Prosecution for future crimes with stolen firearms, how Draconian of the Tyrants] and
(D) to make an appropriation for fiscal year 2024 that provides short-term funding to help Vermonters purchase safes, depositories, and other equipment for secure firearms storage;
[Take your welfare and shove it up your ass!]
(2) to permit a family or household member to file a petition for an Emergency Risk Protection Order;

[EXPANSION OF THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL RED FLAG LAW! We told you this would never end!]

(3) to require a 10-day waiting period for all firearms sales;
[End of the GUN SHOW!]
(4) to prohibit a person from possessing a firearm on premises where alcohol is licensed to be served;

[Notice it doesn't say the person has to be DRINKING, you go in to pick up your TAKE-OUT ORDER and go to JAIL!] and

(5) to prohibit possession of firearms by persons convicted of hate-motivated crimes.
[This section appears to bring the entire legal system of Vermont down on a single individual...]

Sponsors: Emma Mulvaney-Stanak
Additional Sponsors:
Angela Arsenault (D), Alyssa Black (D), Tiffany Bluemle (D), Michelle Bos-Lun (D), Erin Brady (D), Mollie Burke (D), Elizabeth Burrows (D), Heather Chase (D), Kevin Christie (D), Esme Cole (D), Mari Cordes (D), Leonora Dodge (D), Karen Dolan (D), Katherine Donnally (D), Golrang Garofano (D), Leslie Goldman (D), Troy Headrick (D), Lori Houghton (D), Kate Logan (D), Brian Minier (D), Michael Mrowicki (D), Monique Priestley (D), Barbara Rachelson (D), Taylor Small (D), Gabrielle Stebbins (D), Mary-Katherine Stone (D), Heather Surprenant (D), Dara Torre (D), Joseph "Chip" Troiano (D), Kirk White (D), Jonathan Williams (D)
House 1/24/2023 - Read First Time and referred to the Committee on JudiciaryREAD THE BILL!
An act relating to implementing mechanisms to reduce suicide

An act relating to implementing mechanisms to reduce suicide
1. 72 hour (3 day) waiting period.
2. Expanded Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO)

Sponsors: Sponsor(s): Rep. Alyssa Black Additional Sponsors Rep. Julia Andrews Rep. Daisy Berbeco Rep. Tiffany Bluemle Rep. Erin Brady Rep. Jana Brown Rep. Jessica Brumsted Rep. Brian Cina Rep. Mari Cordes Rep. Leonora Dodge Rep. Karen Dolan Rep. Golrang Garofano Rep. Leslie Goldman Rep. Lori Houghton Rep. Kathleen James Rep. Emilie Kornheiser Rep. Martin LaLonde Rep. Kate McCann Rep. Emma Mulvaney-Stanak Rep. William Notte Rep. Monique Priestley Rep. Taylor Small Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins Rep. Mary-Katherine Stone
Conference Committee
An act relating to requiring a license to purchase a semiautomatic firearm

Here is your GUN REGISTRY!

An act relating to prohibiting firearms and deadly weapons in schools and on school property

An act relating to allowing probation and parole officers to carry firearms while on duty

Disarm the People and Arm the GOVERNMENT!

An act relating to firearms licensing, registration, and insurance

We told you this was coming to vermont.

Sponsors: Representative Mrowicki (D) and long-time partner with GunSense VT and BLOOMBERG.
in House Committee on Judiciary
An act relating to firearms storage

An act relating to firearms storage
Subject: Criminal procedures; firearms storage
Statement of purpose of bill as introduced: This bill proposes the following measures related to firearms storage: to create a special fund that would offer subsidies to Vermonters for the purpose of purchasing firearms storage devices, to exempt all firearms storage devices from the Vermont sales tax, and
to require firearms dealers to include a trigger lock with each firearm the dealer sells.

Sponsors: Rep. Kate McCann (D)
in House Committee on Judiciary

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