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The Vermont Federation of Sportsman’s Clubs is again bringing suit to restore our Constitutional Rights that were infringed upon by Vermont’s anti-rights politicians driven by Michael Bloomberg’s war machine of out-of-state organizations, lawyers, money and media control.
Gun Owners of Vermont will again work with the Federation and donate to the fight to remove the 72-hour Waiting Period and the “High Capacity” Magazine Ban laws!
It’s time to tell Vermont’s politicians, they may be for sale, but our rights are not!
Donate Online or by Mail Here: Fight the Mag Ban & Waiting Period in Court!
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Menu #3* GoVT Analysis of 2023-2024 Gun Control Legislation *

House and Senate bills as they are introduced.
2023-2024 Firearm Legislation
Menu #4Historical Vermont Anti-Gun Legislation:

2021-2022: (12 bills)

2019-2020: (16 bills)

2017-2018: (14 bills)
Includes S.55, S.6 and H.151 Universal Background Checks, H.422 Firearm Confiscation bill, S.221 Extreme Risk Protection Order (otherwise known as the "Gun Violence Restraining Order."), and H.876 the Bump Stock Ban!

2015-2016: (14 bills)
Includes S.31 Universal Background Checks & S.141
Burlington Charter Changes (7 bills)

2013-2014: (17 bills)
Includes H.735 Firearm Confiscation bill.
Historical Vermont Anti-Gun Legislation
Menu #5Selected Firearm News Articles & Vermont Laws (Statutes):
1773 Articles Divided into 22 Categories!

Submenu #1:
GoVT in the News (239 articles)
VT Gun Rights in the News (842 articles)
Federal Legislation (17 articles)
National Gun Rights (600 articles)
Constitutional Carry (75 articles)
Suicide & Mental Health (70 articles)
Vintage Firearm Advertising (6 articles)
Anti-Gun Domestic Violence Bills (45 articles)
Anti-Gun Town Ordinances (31 articles)
Animal Encounters (3 articles)
Debunking the Lies

(Updated DAILY!)
Selected Firearm News Articles
(Menu #1)
Menu #6Selected Firearm News Articles & Vermont Statutes:
1773 Articles Divided into 22 Categories!

Submenu #2:
Vermont and Other State Statutes (116 articles)
Bloomberg & UBCs (385 articles)
Opinion Articles (454 articles)
Self Defense (89 articles)
Drugs & Guns (27 articles)
Confiscation (97 articles)
Gun Sense VT Goals (112 articles)
Firearm Trafficking (39 articles)
Burlington Charter Changes (82 articles)
Anti-Hunting Bills & Groups (20 articles)
Products, Reviews, Information & Education (41 articles)
Anti-Gun Psychology (5 articles)

(Updated DAILY!)
Selected Firearm News Articles
(Menu #2)
Menu #7Gun Owners of Vermont CANDIDATE REPORTS
2014, 2016, 2018, 2020 & 2022 Vermont Candidate Reports with Historical Data.
Gun Owners of Vermont CANDIDATE REPORTS
Menu #8Firearm related statistics, reports, analysis and charts from around the nation.
Pro-Gun and Anti-Gun analysis, reports and academic papers.
Plus various ORIGINAL Government Source links (FBI, ATF, CDC, BJS, NIJ, State of VT) as well as an occasional analysis from GoVT.
Firearm statistics and gun control reports from ORIGINAL sources
Menu #9VIDEOS: Gun Owners of Vermont videos on YouTube!Gun Owners of Vermont VIDEOS!
Menu #10What started out as a detailed debunking of GunSenseVT's monthly 'Vermont Gun Incidents' pages in 2013 and 2014, we decided to keep track of everything related to firearms in the state of Vermont.

You will see that most of the incidents are minor, while the serious crimes are caused by out-of-state gang members, drug dealers, felons and other "prohibited persons" and almost always with stolen firearms.

Since Bloomberg and his funded heavily-funded and connected, minions moved into Vermont in 2013, what used to be a quiet and safe state has become increasingly violent.
The anti-gun legislators pass gun control laws against the citizens, but do nothing to stop or punish actual violent criminal behavior. Social Justice Judges repeatedly release GANG MEMBERS and DRUG DEALERS onto Vermont streets before trial, even ones that are accused of carrying out gunfights on our streets!
GoVT Analysis of 'Gun Incidents' in Vermont.
Menu #11A listing of Vermont Sportsman's and Firearm ClubsVermont Gun Clubs

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